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Hi, I'm Lisa Harker, MA, founder of HLS.

I'm passionate about bringing the science of behavior to leaders in business and helping them achieve results. Whether I'm teaching, coaching, or speaking, my goal is to help businesses revolutionize the way we approach leadership and make our work lives healthier, safer, and ultimately, happier.

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More About Lisa

In the realm of leadership development, finding a guide who is not only well-versed in the intricate nuances of behavioral science but also an inspirational coach can be a game-changer. Enter Lisa: a dynamic presenter, educator, behavioral expert, and founder of HLS.

The Short Version:

Lisa is an acclaimed educator, a dedicated student of behavioral science, an adept coach, and the driving force behind HLS's transformational programs. With a passion for unraveling the science behind human behavior, Lisa's unique approach empowers leaders worldwide to unlock their full potential and drive exceptional outcomes.

The Long Version:

Lisa prides herself on her ability to teach, and with a multifaceted background spanning business, health, psychology, and behavioral science she brings a wide variety of expertise to every talk, workshop, and coaching session she engages in.  A distinguished member of the BMT Federation and a sought-after speaker at prestigious international conferences, Lisa's insights into behavioral dynamics have guided numerous leaders in achieving tangible advancements across engagement, safety, health, and leadership effectiveness.

Lisa's academic path included an internship at the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University that granted her an exceptional vantage point into the intersections of academia and real-world organizational dynamics while earning her B.S. in Psychology and Health Promotion, with a minor in Marketing.  Building upon this, she pursued an M.A. in Psychology at Western Michigan University, enjoying numerous enriching experiences as an award winning educator and rounding out her academic journey with a profound understanding of human behavior and its applications.

Lisa's approach is synonymous with transformation. Her fusion of theoretical insight, practical experience, and dynamic coaching and teaching skills makes her an invaluable partner for organizations seeking to cultivate resilient, adaptive, and visionary leaders.

Ready to catalyze your leadership potential? Connect with Lisa below and discover what HLS can do for your organization. 

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